How to recycle used White Aluminum Oxide?

White aluminum oxide abrasive itself has the nature of acid and alkali resistant and high temperature resistant properties, considering the main composition of white corundum abrasives is alumina, therefore we could use concentrated hydrochloric acid cleaning, or use high pressure cleaner for cleaning.

And also, in the grinding process, we must pay attention to the process of post-processing, so it's best to take before white aluminum oxide abrasive waste precipitation treatment measures, using circulating pump or stirring device, the white aluminum oxide powder abrasive remain in motion, not fast deposit, and when the workpiece after grinding, equipment shutdown, white aluminum oxide abrasive could be immediately deposit, so it's the white aluminum oxide powder waste disposal's best time.

If there are conditions can be opening at the bottom of the precipitation, or use white aluminum oxide powder waste suction pump device, make the abrasive and mixture can be processed in time, reduce the difficulty of subsequent processing and handling process.