Some guidelines of garnet sands abrasive for blasting

Here are some guidlines for users when garnet sands blasting, more information, just contact Teldiay Abrasives at any time.

1. Ensure the nozzle air pressure is 95-100psi (measured at the nozzle). Note: for every 1psi under 100psi, efficiency is reduced by 1.5%, i.e. at 70psi you are blasting at 55% efficiency.
2. Check nozzle pressure frequently with a hypodermic needle gauge
3. Check nozzle frequently for wear and replace when worn to ensure optimum productivity is maintained.
4. Check all blast pot fittings, hoses and hose couplings, both air and air/abrasive and repair anything that are faulty immediately. Any air leak will cause a loss in pressure at the nozzle.
5. Use an efficient moisture removal system to prevent pressure drop.
6. Fit an abrasive valve that can accurately meter the abrasive flow to ensure correct air/abrasive mix in the blast hose as accurate abrasive metering is very important.
7. Ensure all blast pots are supplied by an air hose that has a minimum id of 40mm (1 1/2") preferably 50mm (2"). This hose must be fitted with non-restrictive coupling fittings.
8. The air piping on your blast pot must be a minimum of 32mm id (1 1/4"). Be sure that full port ball valves are used on the choke valve. Do not use reduced port valves anywhere in the system as a pressure drop will occur because of restricted air flow through the ball valve.