What’s the difference between sandblasting and shotblasting

1.Sandblasting is powered by compressed air with abrasives (glass beads, Aluminum Oxide) and grinding on the surface of the workpiece. Shot blasting is powered by electrically driven high speed impellers and blasting steel shot, stainless steel cut wire shot impacting on the surface.

2.The blasting materials are also different, sandblasting use hard and durable abrasives such as corundum, garnet sands and so on; shot blasting use metal particular in special texture and shape (round or the cylinder cut wire shape)

3.Surface hardness obtained by sandblasting and shotblasting is difference, shotblasting has surface hardening effect.

4.The purpose of treatment is difference. Sandblasting is removing rust, oxide scales and surface preparation before coating, shotblasting has more functions, except surface cleaning, it also increase surface toughness, reduce deformation of treatment parts and improve wear-resistance and pressure capacity. Etc.

5.Sandblasting machine mainly manually operated, while shot blasting machine is mostly automatic and semi-automatic operated.