About stainlesss steel shot by Atomization process

Now we will talk about the Stainless steel shots by Atomization process , How to do it?

First put stainless steel materials into furnace heating, let it melt into liquid metal in the furnace, and then the metal liquid to an atomization device, the atomization device of the key parts of stainless steel shot atomization nozzle, from the high speed out of the spray nozzle atomizing medium, the impact of molten metal, use metal liquid dispersed into countless small metal droplet, the metal droplet in the process of flight landing, quickly condense into metal particles, if the particle is spherical, that is the product that we need - stainless steel shots, also called cast stainless steel shot.

You can pick and choose the atomizing medium, such as liquid and gas, considering the source of the atomizing medium, which is easy to get and the purchase price, the quality of product, the influence of the selection with the most is with air or water, because the water heat capacity than air big many, so the same kind of metal, if using water as the atomizing medium, easy to produce irregular metal particles, and using air as atomizing medium, is easy to produce the round metal particles.

Stainless steel is a fairly stable at room temperature, not easy oxidation. But in the case of high temperature, especially in a temperature range of the liquid to solid, it is very easy to oxidation.