Corundum Aluminum Oxide applications

Corundum (Aluminum Oxide) is silicate minerals, with hydraulic careful selection, mechanical processing, screening and classifying the grinding materials, mainly used for grinding glass products, industrial cleaning and water cut, etc.


(1) of silicon wafer, optical lenses, precision instruments and meters, polishing glass shell, glass, ceramic, stone, leather, plastic, metal parts can improve smoothness.
(2) sandblasting cutting, is a manufacturer of grinding wheel, oilstone, emery cloth, sand must be raw materials. 
(3) can be used as building highway pavement, airport runway, wear-resisting rubber, industrial floor, anti-skid paint good wear resistant material.Also as a decorative antiskid material.
(4) for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment filter medium and drilling mud weighting agent.
(5) the electroplating, nuclear pollution protection has a good effect. 
(6) is the water to wash the jeans sandblasting room with sand. The water cutting industry high-quality steel grit.