Garnet for waterjet and Garnet characteristics

Garnet abrasive is a gemstone that has been known and used by humans for many thousands of years. The type used in waterjet machining is red garnetGarnet sands is the most common abrasives for waterjuet cutting.

Garnet abrasives with coarse particles (e.g., 20/40 mesh) has been increasingly used to achieve efficient waterjet cutting of hard rock. The larger abrasive particles can cut deeper and faster when the water flow is sufficiently high and large enough nozzles are provided in the field; the cutting efficiency with 40 mesh garnet is much better than 80 mesh garnet. However, further investigation into the influence of the properties of coarse abrasives on hard rock cutting performance is still needed for field applications. This is because most previous studies used only fine abrasive particles (e.g., less than 80 mesh) for more delicate cutting processes (e.g., precision machining).

Garnet characteristics:

Ideal "cleaning" abrasive
Consumed at slow rate and can be recycled
Will not contaminate metal being treated
0% free silica
No profile
Uniform hardness and size

Mineral Concentration
Garnet >85%
Ilmenite <0.1%
Pyroxene  3-6%
Rutile 1-2%
Quartz <0.1%
Amphiboles <0.5%
Element Concentration
Fe2O3 16-19%
SiO2 37-40%
TiO2 <1.5%
Al2O3 16-18%
SiO2 38-41%
CaO 9-11%
MgO 4.5-6%
MnO <0.2%