Name: Steel shot, Cast steel shot, Steel shot beads, Powdered steel, Steel shot sandblasting

Steel Shot is a spherical product of hypereutectoid steel in the fully heat treated condition. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered martensite which provides optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue. This makes steel shot ideally suited for both cleaning and peening applications. 
With Arc Furnace Smelting and Double Quenching technology,  guaranteen all the shots high strength, high tenacity, long service life.

1. Production specification: S780, S660, S550, S460, S390, S330, S280, S230, S170, S110, S70
2. Chemical Composition of the products: C 0.70-1.20% Mn 0.60-1.20%, Si 0.40-1.20%, S≤0.05%, P ≤0.05%
3. Hardness: Normal: 40-50HRC,  Special: 52-56HRC, 56-60HRC
4. Microstructure: Tempered Marten site High strength,
5. Durable life:  2000 cycles

 Packing: 25kg/bag, 40 bags per pallet or as required.


Steel shot and grit application:

· Auto- and manual blasting of metal products (castings, forgings, steel constructions, pipelines);
· Shot-peening of heavy-loaded parts (shafts, carriage springs, springs, cog-wheels) ;
· Ragging (pinch-pass rolling) of rolls in rolling mills;
· As a filling of casting moulds in foundry;
· As a reinforcing constituent of composite materials ;
· Boring of wells;
· Biological protection in nuclear power engineering;
· Metal surface cleaning before painting;
· Descaling of steam-boilers;
· Surface treatment of stone, granite-, marble- and natural stone-cutting;
· Cleaning of cutting tools;
· Surface preparation of parts for galvanic coatings, enameling;
· Surface preparation of oil and gas pipelines for multi-layer coatings; cleaning of oil-storages and reservoirs.