White Fused Alumina (WFA) is a high purity, synthetic mineral, made by the fusion of controlled quality pure grade Bayer Alumina in an electric arc furnace at temperatures higher than 2000˚C accompanied by a time consuming solidification process. Strict quality control of raw materials and fusion parameters ensure WFA with high purity and high whiteness.

White Fused Alumina is the most friable grain in the fused alumina family. It is considerably harder than BFA. Commonest used in Vitrified Bonded Abrasives products where cool, fast cutting and grinding of tool, high-speed and stainless. It is also in the manufacture of high purity Alumina refractories. Other applications include use in Coated Abrasives, Surface treatment, Ceramic Tiles, Anti-Skid Paints, Fluidized Bed Furnaces and Skin / Dental Care.

High chemical purity (>99% Al2O3) of WFA is generally softer or more friable than other abrasives, which can be used in grinding applications where a more friable product is desired. Granules typically are blocky shaped, with an aspect ratio of approximately 1:1 to 3:1; High purity (>99.5% Al2O3) of WFA, made by growing individual crystals from seed crystals at high temperature. Crystals are hexagonal platelet shaped with an aspect ratio of 5:1. Used in a variety of lapping, buffing and polishing applications, integrated into bars and pads, and used in ceramics.


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