Brown Fused Alumina

Brown Fused Alumina (BFA) contains 2-4% titania except aluminum oxide, which makes it toughness. It is used in a wide variety of uses including Bonded, Coated, Refractory and Industrial markets. Such as abrasive wheel to grind high-tensile-strength materials, and for rough grinding, deburring and snagging, as well as to slice low-alloy, ferrous materials and is generally considered as the "Workhorse" of the industry.

Brown Fused Alumina with a content of 1-2% TiO2 to enhance toughness of the grain; generally used in Bonded or Coated applications requiring an abrasive slightly tougher than White Aluminum Oxide. Reducing the titania content reduces the abrasive’s toughness, but increases its friability. These BFA are commonly used in depressed center wheels, cut-off wheels, and for surface and cylindrical grinding of heat sensitive metals, alloys etc. where cool but fast cutting is required.

Titania additions can toughen the BFA abrasive and enable heat-treating process, which changes brown aluminum oxide to a blue-colored grain as titanium precipitates form. It is also produced with chemical precursors and precipitation, calcination and/or sintering processes. Calcined or platelet alumina as used in fine grit or polishing applications.

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