What is the aluminum oxide abrasive powder?

From the color, the white and brwon color is the most common.

Gennerally speaking, abrasive powder has good performance and strong strength in the grinding and polishing. Aluminum oxide abrasive powder is a kind of high purity polishing materials abrasive powder, which is made by smelting aluminum oxide powder under certain high temperature. Its purity can reach more than 99%. Grinding and polishing materials aluminum oxide abrasive powder is widely used in precision casting.

Precision casting metal grinding and polishing materials to choose aluminum oxide abrasive powder, why? What are the advantages?

Firstly, for the diversity of the workpiece products, we can choose different abrasive powder with different effect.

Secondly, it can save the time to grind and improve the production efficiency, and the surface of workpieces is smooth after operation.

Finally, polishing materials aluminum oxide abrasive powder has better grinding stability.

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