Cutting stone by stainless steel cut wire

Stainless steel cut wire can be used in passing type shot blasting machine for stone finishing, suitable for surface treatment of marble, granite and other engineering materials. now, let's look at the characteristics of steel pellets blasting media in stone processing:

(1) the production process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The latest shot blasting technology using steel shot replaces the previous quartz sandblasting, and the dust volume has been reduced to the lowest level. Stainless steel pellets can be recycled for reuse;

(2) shot blasting technology for stone surface treatment by steel shot is mainly made of nickel-cadmium alloy, so it will not cause rust spots on stone surface caused by ordinary steel shot;

(3) we could choose steel pellets in variou grit sizes, the grit size will determine the surface roughness of stone;

(4) high efficiency by stainless steel shot blasting;

(5) low production cost.

Let's look at the photos of the processing, hope to be helpful to your production.