Company Introduction

Teliday Abrasives is a specialized metal abrasives manufacturer founded in 2006, one of leading suppliers of blasting abrasives in China. We offer a wide range of shot peening abrasives and blasting medias, our main products are including: Stainless steel shot, low and high carbon cut wire shot, Aluminum shot, Zinc shot, Copper shot, Stainless shot for stone cutting, Sizes range from 0.1mm to 3.0mm. We also do the business of some other non-metal abrasives, such as Garnet sands, Aluminum Oxide, Glass beads, ect.

We has over 10 years of production experience, products are widely used in different industries, such as die castings and forgings, automotive, aircraft and marine industries. it's the ideal materials for blasting cleaning, deburring, surface finishing and improvement. 

Now Teliday Abrasives certified with ISO 9001:2015 quality management certifications that indicates our quality production. 



Teliday Abrasives Advantages


Great durability
Short blasting times
Bright appearance
Rust-free surfaces                                                                                      
Reduced wear of blast cleaning equipment
Low waste disposal costs
Dust-free blasting process

Why choose us?

So many professional distributors purchase from us, 

1. Have supplied to many Chinese state-owned enterprise for many years, very strict quality control system;

2. Competitive price, ISO 9001 certificate with high requirements for materials, appearance and uniformity;

3. Abrasive consultation and technical guidance help you to choose suitable abrasives for surface blasting;

4. Short production cycle, large inventories and fast delivery will save your operational cost.

Why you can reduce your purchasing cost by working with us?

1. 2 hours to arrive Shanghai Port—— less inland transportation charge;

2. Located in Stainless steel Center of China——less material cost;

2. Our own factory, don't need rent—— no financial cost;

3. Full automatic production line —— less labor cost.

Customers are our top priority and we show that by providing quality products and services for our customers and returning all inquiry within 24 hours.

If you are looking for the quality blasting abrasives, Teliday is the best place to buy all your wants with reasonable price.

Contact Information

Tel:  86-13952600153    86-18752600526