No magnetic steel shot, that is no magnetic stainless steel shot, only use the stainless steel material to achieve no magnetic effect.

The general non-magnetic steel shot on the market is to use stainless steel shot degaussing treatment to achieve the effect of non-magnetic, just due to the adoption of degaussing process, there are three hidden dangers.

1. The biggest problem, degaussing process is just a temporary cancellation of magnetic, but when processing the workpiece, steel shot after repeated use, will generate some working magnetisms, which can not meet the technical requirements of nonmagnetic, we have to replace the new steel shots during the treatment.  And the producing cost is increased and the working efficiency reduced.

2. During the degaussing process, it is necessary to avoid contacting with other impurities, which may contaminate the materials, especially when mixed with iron, which may affect the final treatment effect of the workpiece.

3. It is the dark color of the steel shot after demagnetization, which is quite different from the appearance of the normal stainless steel shot, thus reducing customer satisfaction.

Taizhou Teliday No magnetic stainless steel shot advantages:

1. The steel shot produced by special stainless material does not need demagnetization, and itself non-magnetic.

2. Bright color, uniform appearance without impurities.

3. Its performance is close to 304 steel pellets, and it also reduces the cost on the basis of 304, with a fairly high cost performance.