Garnet Sand As Water Cutting Sand

Firstly, Garnet sand has rich mineral resource compared with other abrasives. Therefore, its price will not be as high as artificial abrasives.

Secondly, appropriate hardness will have less harm for sand pipe.

Garnet sand is a kind of natural nonmetallic abrasive hardness that is second only to diamond and corundum. And its four corners trioctahedron structure makes it have sharp angle, and its cutting ability is stronger. From the hardness, it is bigger than quartz sand, so it can guarantee the cutting speed; But it is smaller than brown fused alumina and diamond, so that the damage for sand tube is relatively lower. 

Thirdly, It has polyhedron structure and the cutting effect is good.

This is the most important about cutting effect. Using garnet sand as water cutting sand, not only increases the range of water cutting, and has ideal effect after cutting. This is all because of its structure, which makes the cutting force stronger.

Above are three reasons about garnet sand as water cutting abrasive. In general, its cost performance is the highest. But the product quality of domestic garnet sand market is uneven, so you must choose standard manufacturers when buying.

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